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1. Practice Your Posture

Stand up straight and tall! When you stand up straight you look taller, thinner, and it cuts down on back pain as well. Line yourself up to a wall to get your back straight and walk with your head held high.

3. Keep up on Your Nails

It's not always as easy as it seems, keep your nails trimmed, buffed, and healthy. 

5. Make A List of the Good

7. Get Your Eyebrows Done

Don't leave and go to the mirror! Get out of the house with some friends and get a professional to do them for you (after you finish reading HD of course.) Having a pro attack your facial hair will leave you with a nice pampered feeling, and eyebrows that are easy to care for.

9. Exfoliate 

11. Compliment Others

It's not hard to tell your locker neighbor that you like her shoes, or that she looks beautiful in that shade of blue. Complimenting others and seeing their happy reactions will make you feel better about yourself. Don't believe us? Go try it!

13. Just Relax

15. Dress Up

17. Get Rid of Marilyn

Clean your personal space of images of Hollywood models, Marilyn Monroe posters, and all of those magazines that showcase photo-shopped models. Instead of seeing the worlds images of "perfection" fill up your space with happy photos and positive words- so encourage you every morning when you wake up.

19. Smile

2. Go Volunteer

Get out of your house and go help those that are less-fortunate than yourself. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, give snacks and blankets to homeless,or write encouraging letters to missionaries. Helping others will always make you feel better about yourself and what you can do.

4. Olive Oil your Hair

Olive oil is the best treatment you can give to your hair- it will leave your hair shinning, strong, and smooth. 

6. Start Running

Seriously we know you don't want to leave your comfy couch- but you need to. Get up and put on a pair of tennis shoes and go outside. If you run a mile, or you just down the street get moving before the weather gets to cold, you body will thank you in the long run and so will your mind!

8. The Right Underwear

It mind sound silly- but don't laugh just yet. Go to Victoria Secret, or Arie and have a professional measure your bra size. Are you in the right kind of bra? Wearing a bra that holds everything in the right place- and supports you all day long will make a huge difference in the way you stand, walk, and feel at the end of the day!

10. Throw on Some Heels

12. Whiten Your Teeth

14. Make a Playlist

16. Be-friend an Outcast

18. Make Something

Get creative! Pinterest has hundreds of ideas of DIY things for your wardrobe and your bedroom, so do some research and pick a project. Working with your hands, and completing something wonderful will make you feel talented, so make sure you place your creation somewhere you will see it all the time!